Tenants and investors seem to be on opposite side of the equation. One wants the highest quality for the optimal price, the other the highest return on his investment.

At Whitewood we understand this duality but moreover we understand that one cannot exist without the other and it is our job to make them come together.

Our dedicated service desk stands at the disposal of our tenant’s needs with account managers in charge of each individual building as contact person for such building for both tenant as investor.

Wezenlijk om te weten waar je huurders als ondernemer mee bezig zijn

Article van Michon van der Salm

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Real-estate management team


Jelle Verherstraeten
Jelle Verherstraeten Property Manager
Terry Moens
Terry Moens
Cindy Cleiren
Cindy Cleiren Receptionist
Ann Stroobants
Ann Stroobants Receptionist
Roland Gabriels
Roland Gabriels Finance Department
Sofie Wuyts
Sofie Wuyts Finance Department

Real-estate management team


Remon Rijndorp
Remon Rijndorp Head of Technical Team
Twan Hendriks
Twan Hendriks Energy and Sustainability Expert
Irene Karstens
Irene Karstens Technical Management Assistant
Stephanie Schaad
Stephanie Schaad Service Desk
Stefan van Asten
Stefan van Asten Technical Manager
Alexander Willemsen
Alexander Willemsen Head of Financial Department
Claudia Hoofdman
Claudia Hoofdman Financial Department
Judith Buyne
Judith Buyne Financial Department
Thomas Melching
Thomas Melching Financial Department
Joyce Receptionist
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