As your local partner in property and asset management, we make the needs of investors and the wants of tenants come together. As a “middle man” we reduce risks when it comes to investments and increase happiness when it comes to tenancy.

Our asset management team is a team of highly educated individuals. The difference between us and other asset managers is that we can count on all relevant services in-house, to create solid solutions for our investors. We keep our investors informed and we take high value in integrity. More importantly, we co-invest as an asset manager together with our investors which proves that we truly believe in our approach and investments.


3 Ways to Help Manage Risks in Your Property Portfolio

Article of Tobias about investing in real- estate

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Meet our investment team:

Christoph van der Planken
Christoph van der Planken Chief of Operations Officer
Charlotte Callebaut
Charlotte Callebaut Asset Manager
Jan Henneau
Jan Henneau Secretary General
Diederik van Hoogevest
Diederik van Hoogevest Transaction Officer
Louis Deschiettere
Louis Deschiettere Investment Analyst
Brent Van Hout
Brent Van Hout Investment Analyst
Gilles Verhelst
Gilles Verhelst Investment Analyst