Our Team

Whitewood is a vertically integrated real estate company, a one-stop shop, providing all necessary skills in-house, from investment, asset and property management to planning and development.


Frédéric Van der Planken CEO & Founder

Frédéric founded Whitewood in 2008 with 22 years of extensive experience. Formerly served as the International Director at CBRE, leading the Capital Markets in Belgium, Luxembourg, Central & Eastern Europe and contributing to the EMEA Team. He boasts a successful track record, having executed transactions exceeding 4 billion EUR globally, with a predominant focus on deals in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Valérie Vermandel Chief Development Officer & Partner

Joined Whitewood in 2015, Valérie leads the Development and Project Management teams, renowned in the construction industry for her expertise in transforming structures into ESG-friendly buildings. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, she guides Whitewood toward environmentally conscious development practices and serves on the UPSI board for ESG, showcasing her commitment.

Tobias Schwagten WW AIFM – Chief Investment Officer & partner

Tobias became an integral part of Whitewood in 2014, taking the helm as the head of the Investment Department. In this crucial role, he shoulders the responsibility of meticulously crafting cashflow models, developing comprehensive business plans, conducting valuations, and undertaking strategic financial analyses for investment transactions.

Réné Mol Partner | Director Property Management Services

As the Director of Whitewood’s Asset Management Services, I aim to maximize asset value and ROI for our clients through global collaboration and strategic partnerships with top advisors and investors. My career began with a degree in Business Economics, followed by roles at Jones Lang LaSalle and Euro American Investors Group, leading to the creation of Urban Properties which later merged with Colliers. I joined Whitewood in 2021, bringing a specialty in Investment, Asset & Property Management, and Asset Development.

Michon van der Salm Partner | Director Project Management

Michon joined Whitewood in 2017 with 25 years of (entrepreneurial) experience in the real estate industry. His personal drive within the company is to create the most user-friendly and sustainable buildings. His vision is to be a frontrunner in the build environment and wants Whitewood to lead by example. Michon is responsible for project development, project management and transactions within the Dutch market.

Marco Hengst Managing Director Logistics

Real Estate professional with over 20 years of experience, specializing in logistics for more than 14 years with a proven track record in investment and asset management. As CIO at Intervest, I led the transition to a logistics-focused REIT, achieving over 50% portfolio growth and establishing a Dutch team. Driven by values like inspiring culture and customer-centricity, I excel in business development with a strong commitment to people development and strategic alignment.

Our Team

Alexandre Anspach Project Manager
Alice Baton Assistant Project management
Bart De Coster Chief Financial Officer
Catherine Bauwens Project Manager
Charlotte Callebaut Asset Manager
Christoph van der Planken Chief Operations Officer
Christophe le Polain Business Development Director
Cindy Ying Property Manager
Claudia Hoofdman Finance Manager
Diederik van Hoogevest Transaction Officer
Divine Muehule Accounting Employee
Grayson Wells Property manager
Julie Watrin Property Manager
Laurent Withofs Project Manager
Paul Wijling Portfolio Manager
Remon Rijndorp Head of Technical Team
Renaud d’Argembeau
Robert Rietbergen Operational Director – Portfolio Manager
Rose Coppieters de Gibson Legal Counsel
Sally van Gorp Marketing en PR Manager
Victor Van der Veken Junior Property Manager Logistics
Wim Wakker Head of acquisition logistics – Netherlands
Alix Lefeuvre Assistant Project Manager
Jesse Duchateau Project Developer Logistics
Brent Van Hout WW AIFM – Investment Analyst
Cigdem Sule WW AIFM – Accounting employee
Jan Henneau WW AIFM – Secretary General
Louis Deschietere WW AIFM – Investment Analyst
Patrick Strobbe WW AIFM – Accounting Manager
Vanesa Fuga WW AIFM – Investment Analyst