Asset management

We leverage our extensive local knowledge and maintain a robust array of core competences in-house, allowing us to collaborate closely with investors to execute well-informed business plans.


Navigating Your Journey to Decarbonisation

We are at the forefront of sustainable investment, providing a structured pathway to decarbonisation. From collaborating with property management teams to align data gathering, to align project teams on managing sustainable business plans (e.g., CRREM), to delivering sustainability reports, we leverage our deep local insights to implement sustainable investment principles.

Aligning investor and tenant’s interests

Effective asset management hinges on harmonizing investors and tenants’goals. Hence Whitewood focusses on cultivating a positive tenant experience and engagement while meeting investors’ expectations, driving both property value and community quality.

Diversified expertise

Our holistic approach to asset management has enabled us to contribute to value-add programs across multiple sectors. From our roots in the office real estate sector, we evolved towards managing light industrial and logistics portfolios.

Collaborative approach

By working in tandem with various teams—finance, market analysts, and operations—we gain a multidimensional view that informs better decision-making. It’s through this collaborative effort that we ensure each asset is not just well-managed, but also strategically aligned with the most favorable market opportunities.

Christoph van der Planken Chief Operations Officer

Space to cultivate ambition. It is not just a tag line but a genuine understanding that the space you work in, is an integral element of your business. Understanding exactly what your current and future needs are as a company, with or without a certain degree of flexibility, and understanding what type of tenants you are looking for as an investor to optimise the risk/return profile of your investment, is the key mission of our commercial team. Each solution is tailored to cater to the needs of both and ensure that both investor and tenants can cultivate their ambition in a Whitewood managed property.

Meet our assets team

Wim Wakker
Wim Wakker Head of acquisition logistics – Netherlands
Louis Deschietere
Louis Deschietere WW AIFM – Investment Analyst