Property management

We actively engage in on-site activities, offering comprehensive insights and feedback. By maintaining continuous interaction between tenants and clients, we possess an intimate knowledge of the properties we manage.

OUR Property management strategy

Sustainable Practices

Our property management ethos is rooted in sustainability, aiming to enhance the ESG value of each building we manage. Through diligent audits and targeted quick wins, we optimize building operations while staying ahead of legislative changes. Our Property+ initiative ensures continuous enhancement during occupancy, collaborating with investment and asset teams to collect crucial ESG data, driving responsible and sustainable property management.

Tenant Satisfaction

At the core of our property management approach is the belief that happy tenants equal happy investors. We employ innovative IT solutions and conduct thorough audits to refine and improve the use of spaces, ensuring tenant comfort is paramount. Our proactive tenant relationship management leads to optimized spaces that serve both the needs of the tenants and the goals of the investors.

Expertise in Complex Structures

Our team possesses unparalleled expertise in managing large and complex buildings. We are adept at navigating the intricacies of substantial property structures, ensuring seamless operations, and exceptional performance. Our property management strategies are designed to address the unique challenges of managing expansive and sophisticated properties.

Holistic Approach to Property Enhancement

Our Property+ initiative epitomizes a holistic approach, focusing on enhancing your building even as it remains occupied, or repositioning it entirely through strategic interventions. This is made possible by our close collaboration with the asset team, ensuring that every decision aligns with broader investment objectives. We believe that the true optimization of a site emerges from a synergistic relationship with the project management division, combining day-to-day excellence with visionary redevelopment, ensuring the building not only meets but exceeds market and tenant expectations.

Meet our property team

Renaud d’Argembeau
Renaud d’Argembeau
Michon van der Salm
Michon van der Salm Partner | Director Project Management
Réné Mol
Réné Mol Partner | Director Property Management Services
Cindy Ying
Cindy Ying Property Manager
Julie Watrin
Julie Watrin Property Manager
Grayson Wells
Grayson Wells Property manager
Victor Van der Veken
Victor Van der Veken Junior Property Manager Logistics