Fund & Investment management

Whether it is running dedicated internal funds under our AIFM accreditation, putting the same at the service of third party investors to run their FIIS/GVBF structures or managing third party separate mandates, Whitewood has a track record of assisting the most diligent institutional investors with their real estate strategies.

We co-invest there where required and truly align the interest of all stakeholders, combining corporate finance expertise with real estate savvy.

OUR investment strategy

We work in multiple structures

Having built experience working as a fund manager under our AIFM accreditation, as well as a JV partner, we know how to best fit our client’s needs. Whitewood engages with its customers to align the financial structure with each customer’s specific needs, to ultimately deliver optimal value

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We focus on sustainable value-add

Whitewood solely engages in investment opportunities which have a positive impact on the environment. Within its own funds, Whitewood intends to align with the highest standard of transparency in its reporting, while aligning the strategy with the European Grean deal ambitions

We co-invest with our partners

Although not being Whitewood’s core business to invest capital in projects, we believe that one should not propose an investment opportunity in which he/she wouldn’t invest. Participating in co-investments demonstrates a pro-active commitment & a high level of conviction in the business opportunities we propose to our Partners

We take a holistic approach to Real Assets

Our roots and foundations have been developed within Real Estate market, however our ambition is to unlock potential across all real asset classes. Our comprehensive approach to cash-flow modelling, combined with our in-house market knowledge, allow us to identify value creation potential across all Real assets.


In March 2024, Whitewood AIFM NV was established under the full-AIFM accreditation. For many years, Whitewood consistently demonstrated its commitment to the development of sustainable ESG Real Estate projects, resulting in numerous awards. With this new milestone, Whitewood can further commit to integrating sustainability at all levels of decision making within the Alternative Investments Funds that it manages.

Hence, Whitewood AIFM NV adheres to the guidelines and reporting obligations set forth by the SFDR (REGULATION (EU) 2019/2088 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27 November 2019 on sustainability-related disclosures in the financial services sector). The SFDR aims to enhance transparency regarding sustainability risks and impacts for investors.

Furthermore, Whitewood AIFM NV will report at the product level for its investment products (funds) and provide pre-contractual information (Article 6 SFDR). These reporting requirements will be enhanced for products that promote environmental and social characteristics (Article 8 SFDR) or have sustainable investment objectives (Article 9 SFDR).

The new website of Whitewood AIFM is currently under construction, where it will prominently feature a page dedicated to promoting the environmental and social characteristics of the sustainable investments under its management, in accordance with Article 10 of the SFDR.


Cityforward is a brown-to-green transformation fund aiming at re-positioning office assets into exemplary ESG schemes while supporting urban mixity ambitions of the local stakeholders.


Tobias Schwagten WW AIFM – Chief Investment Officer & partner

Our strength has always been our ability to speak different languages, from speaking the real estate language with developers and other real estate specialists, to speaking the financial language with our Private Equity or institutional investor clients.

This duality allows us to connect the business opportunities on the market with the right investors

Meet our investment team:

Christophe le Polain
Christophe le Polain Business Development Director
Wim Wakker
Wim Wakker Head of acquisition logistics – Netherlands
Diederik van Hoogevest
Diederik van Hoogevest Transaction Officer
Marco Hengst
Marco Hengst Managing Director Logistics
Vanesa Fuga
Vanesa Fuga WW AIFM – Investment Analyst
Louis Deschietere
Louis Deschietere WW AIFM – Investment Analyst
Brent Van Hout
Brent Van Hout WW AIFM – Investment Analyst
Alexis Le Clef
Alexis Le Clef WW AIFM – Investment manager