Immobel and Whitewood sign 12-year lease agreement with Total for the first CO2 neutral office building in Brussels

Author: Frédéric Van der Planken

This week, Immobel and Whitewood signed a 12-year lease agreement with Total for the new location of its Belgian headquarters, the Multi building in the centre of the capital.

From the end of 2022, 900 Total employees will be able to occupy the first CO2 neutral office building in Brussels. In 2019, the developers already signed a 15-year lease agreement with bpost. Both Total and bpost will lease approximately 17,000 m².

CO2 neutral and circular

With Multi, the developers wish to contribute to the renewed dynamism of the city centre that is also being generated by the ‘piétonnier’.

Total will lease the upper floors of the building. The company will have its own entrance and a shop on the ground floor. It will also have private access to part of the gardens on the 3rd floor. The partners will also conclude an agreement with Total for the supply of green energy to the building.

In addition to CO2 neutrality, Multi focuses strongly on circularity. Approximately 89% of the existing materials are reused. Moreover, more than 2% of this comes from urban mining, i.e. from other locations in Belgium. This is the highest percentage ever reached in the context of sustainable redevelopment.

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