Be in the know and follow along with our new weekly Research updates page.


Be in the know and follow along with our new weekly Research updates page.

As one of the Asset Managers and main Researcher at Whitewood, Jan Dinneweth focuses on the world of economics, politics, and global trade. All of these factors play a part in the cycle of the real estate market so taking each of them into account when developing plans for the future is essential to our strategy. Jan creates a weekly update briefing of what is deemed relevant developments in our field to help us stay ahead of the curve. While today’s world feels very unpredictable, information is key to help us ensure that we’re making the right decisions.

Research Means More Certainty

Although it’s impossible to predict the future, it is very important to anticipate what could be offsetting factors in the current market. Due to the cyclical nature of the property development industry, researching stages of past cycles allows for more clarity when composing a new business plan, reevaluating and executing current investments. External influences can impact real estate even in the smallest square of Amsterdam, and it is up to Jan to make sure we know what those current influences are and how significant the impact might be.

What to Research and Why

Starting from the “bricks”, Jan examines the different levels which impact our investments. As tenants, and consequently the rental income which is generated by them, are the very essence of real estate investments, the economical environment in which they are active is essential to understanding the stability of your portfolio cash flow. There is a direct environment and an indirect environment. The direct environment can be considered the commercial framework in which a lease is established: rent levels, take-up, competition, quality and timing. The indirect environment is in one word the economy and everything which is linked to it. Researching both of these environments is essential for the mid- long run analysis and assumptions in the real estate market.

All of The Information in One Spot

Jan focuses heavily on what the needs of today’s business space renters are. What they are looking for, what rent prices are like, and how companies are profiting or losing in the current stage of the economy. He also focuses on the external factors that might be helping or hurting businesses and how long those factors will impact the market. He researches information on interest rates, big project developments, anything that he believes will impact a portfolio. By diving into financial newspapers, local and regional real estate newsletters and reports by the EU and IMF, Jan is able to deliver a weekly update to help build confidence in the decisions our team is making and make sure we are in touch with reality.

You Can Get the Update Too

We are excited to announce that we will be adding a Research page to our website where you can find all of Jan’s weekly research based updates. Quick summaries of important news, related links, and maybe some of his advice will be included, but you will have to be there to find out. Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know.

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