4 Tips to Guarantee a Project’s Success

Author: Remon Rijndorp

Here are four things to consider in any property development project to guarantee it is a success.

Developing, restoring and managing properties comes with a whole team of players. From the investors, to the builders and designers, to the final occupants, there are many people to please. Remon Rijndorp, our Head of Projects & Technical Management, is an integral part of the Whitewood mission to create spaces that will cultivate ambition. As the liaison between all of the players in any given project, he has a lot on his plate, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

4 Tips to Guarantee the Success of a Property Development Project

Here are the four things he considers the most important to guarantee every project is a success:

1.Exceed Tenants’ Expectations: The relationships between Whitewood and our tenants are particularly important. We co-create the spaces they need to run their businesses. From the moment we meet, to project completion and throughout tenancy, it is part of Remon’s philosophy to cater to every need of the tenant. By building a bond to the level of being able to predict needs and prevent problems, we become more confident in our ability to deliver inspiring spaces. There is no time for disappointment when companies are trying to get their goals off the ground, and property managers must be able to deliver what they promise. Managing a property and looking after the tenants is an ongoing journey and requires commitment to the long haul to be successful.

2. Fully Support Investors: Most projects require large investments to even get started, so it’s not a surprise that the needs of the investors are a major point in completing a successful project. As partners in every project we take on, we are able to think from the investor’s point of view as well. Providing updates on progress, making good matches for the spaces and creating or renovating buildings we are proud of; all make for a happy investor. We always want to acknowledge the fact that we couldn’t do what we do without the trust and enthusiasm of our investors by supporting them throughout the project’s lifespan and continuing to add value.

3. Build and Encourage the Team: Being a team leader means also taking on the role of human resources manager on occasion. Building a strong team means taking into account the real life experiences of the people working hard towards the goals of the company. Things may not always go to plan so having a team that can step up and fulfill different roles if need be is essential. The Projects and Technical Management team covers a diverse area from design plans, refurbishments to fit-outs, to technical property management. Encouraging team members to strengthen their skills across the board builds a strong foundation for tackling the diversity of the job. As a growing company with young employees within our project teams, a strong team morale is a cornerstone of Remon’s approach to management.

4. Take Care of the Environment: Sustainability is huge in the real estate industry right now. With the European Union enacting more laws regarding construction and its impact on the environment, being proactive is essential. Energy usage is the main focus for all of our projects as we strive to be ahead of schedule on sustainability laws. Remon relies on our Sustainability expert to create portfolio plans that include sustainability measures as well as methods to meet law clauses. Whether it be insulation issues, reusing materials, applying innovative technologies or installing solar panels, there are many ways to lessen a building’s environmental impact. By addressing these issues from the initial stages we can guarantee value added to every project. For buildings to have a long and multi-functional future, consideration for the environment is a must.

Follow the Steps to Success

When you’re the Head of Projects & Technical Management there are many things to consider. Thanks to Remon’s experience in project management and his outgoing personality, he can connect with people from all aspects of the development spectrum. There is much that goes into to renovating and creating spaces that will cultivate ambition, but the most important aspect of it all is people.

We would like to thank Remon for sharing the four things he finds most important to guarantee the success of a development project. Have questions about how the process works at Whitewood whether as an investor or a tenant? Get in touch today to find out more.

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