Whitewood increases the quality of property management through a partnership with Smartvatten

Author: Remon Rijndorp

By initiating a pilot with Smartvatten to provide remote insight into the water consumption for a number of buildings in its Dutch portfolio, Whitewood hopes to further improve the quality of management and property management. Smartvatten can provide real-time insight into the consumption of water by adding water meters to buildings’ existing water meters. Algorithms learn from historical consumption data so that outliers in data indicating leakage can be reported immediately and proactively. With the pilot Whitewood hopes to be able to test if the system is working properly.

Tim Twisk, Sales Manager Smartvatten Nederland; “By starting a pilot with Smartvatten in these uncertain times, Whitewood shows that it the company has a lot of courage. Smartvatten is always looking for new collaborations with frontrunners in innovation and sustainability on the Dutch market and we are very proud that, especially in these uncertain times, Whitewood dares to test our product”.

Eelco Prinse, Senior Technical Manager Whitewood; “The question for us stems from the realization that a manual recording of water meters is out of date. Not only do we want to record more readings and pass them on to water companies, but we also want to learn from these data. Why is water consumption increasing? Why does building A have so much more consumption per m2 than building B?  For Whitewood these are important questions to know the answer to”.

“By working with Smartvatten we hope to take the next step in an efficient and professional way of property management and facility management. For Whitewood it is important to have all disciplines of property management in-house in order to deliver quality to tenants. We hope that Smartvatten in the area of monitoring consumption and alerting in the event of leaks can help us to carry this out”.

“The new reality of the 1.5-metre economy will mean that more needs to be done remotely. In this role, in addition to energy and electricity, it is obvious to be able to monitor water consumption remotely. If after the Corona crisis the daily occupancy of our buildings by tenants skyrockets again, we also expect an increase in contact moments with tenants. How pleasant it is to have already managed efficiency at that point in time”.

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