Our Services

Whitewood believes in creating value and space, for our tenants and investors to cultivate their ambition.
We have become experts in real-estate management ranging from property management, asset management, renovation, project-development and customer service to name a few.

For us, planning is crucial. Before the project commences, we strategise with several of our experts in order make sure we have a viable solution for our client. We start by asking two simple questions: “What does the investor expect from their building.” and “How can we go about achieving it?” Once we are all in agreement, this is recorded in documentation, and becomes our focus strategy.

Our Investment management team is responsible for keeping track of financial aspects, this includes an in-house research team which gathers information on the current market. We consistently supply our clients with progress reports, to ensure transparency as we are strong advocates for open and honest communication.

On a more tangible level, let’s talk about the SPACE, the buildings. Our buildings need to be well maintained, in order to do this, we have a strong Real Estate management team which consist out of technical experts, property managers as well as financial specialists. We also have a service desk available to handle day-to-day queries from our tenants.

For larger projects, our Project development team is available, no matter how challenging or what the size of the project is, we are well equipped to handle any sort of renovation you require on your building; from entrance hallways to complete overhauls of large office towers.

If you would like to see some examples of what we have done, please take a look at our portfolio.